What is Mobile Network Repeater? It is a device between a mobile phone and the Base Station. It is very helpful when for example there is no clear mobile signal in a building. The  
external antenna receives the signal from base station while the repeater  amplifies and filters this signal and transmits it to the mobile phone via the internal antenna inside the  
building. We have various power/frequency/size repeaters for in-door and out-door applications for e.g. offices, garages, also big warehouses and villages.
Designing microwave RF devices eg. high power amplifiers, mixers, PLL stabilized local
oscillators, combiners, couplers,  low noise amplifiers etc.
In the past we have successfully collaborated with different Space projects
(Intercosmos, Satellite telemetry TX/RX), Hungarian Meteorological Information
Services (TIROS-N/Meteosat receiving station) etc.
Special RF Measurements using highly precise measuring equipment, CNC Milling
Machine to manufacture high precision Al enclosures for circuits, combiners and
waveguide filters etc.
Welcome at MobiTel Bt.

MobiTelís main activity and core business are Mobile communications:
- designing, developing, and manufacturing and maintaining repeaters for the  
  900/1800MHz GSM, 900/2100MHz UMTS-3G, 800/1800 MHz 4G LTE bands.
- special test equipment for the measurement of cellular system /various test
  equipment specified to measure cellular systems
- UHF band simplex/duplex data transmission
- ISM transmitters for different applications
- Tetra, LNA, MW power amplifiers, etc.
Since 1996

We have been designing, developing, manufacturing and  
maintaining mobile Network repeaters for the Hungarian mobile  
Network operators for more than 20 years.
Due to the new semiconductor and manufacturing technologies,  
we are able to make our products smaller, more powerful and  
more effective with a longer life span. These devices are  
designed to work 0/24 every day of the year with high MTBF.
CNC Works

Raw aluminium materials are processed by a CNC machine with  
high precision. The highly precise metal cases provide excellent  
shielding of the sensitive circuits, avoiding to pass into  
external disturbing signals and also avoiding any spurious  
radiation from the circuits.
High precision metal cases support our amplifiers to reach  
lower noise figure and provide good EMC compatibility too.

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