About Us
MobiTel was founded in 1996 as a  
Hungarian company. The main  
activity and core business of our  
company is mobile communication.
One of our main product is the  
Mobile Network repeater.
MobiTel manufactures a wide  
range of RF operator-selective-  
and RF channel selective repeaters  
for different frequency bands such  
as 800/900/1800/2100 MHz .
We provide these repeaters for  
local subsidiaries of international  
Mobile operators such as  
Telenor, Vodafone.
Several hundreds of our repeaters  
work at the Mobile Communication  
Network all over the country. The  
channel selective repeaters and  
high power repeaters are equipped  
with a microcomputer and a digital  
data modem. Thanking to this  
feature, these repeaters are  
remotely controlled via GSM data-
link. MobiTel carries out the repair  
and maintenance of the repeaters  
within and after the warranty  
period too.
Additional activities are UHF point-
to-point communication for special  
purposes and ISM data  
MobiTel have laboratories which  
are well equipped with different  
Microwave and RF measuring  
equipment such as Network  
analysers, Spectrum analysers,  
Power meters, Signal generators,    
etc. Also we have a climatic  
chamber and CNC Milling machine.  
These amenities are very  
important for the R&D,  
manufacturing and maintenance  
activity as well.

Since 1972, owners gain their  
experiences in design, development  
and manufacturing of RF/MW devices  
at the Technical University of  
Budapest. They took part in numerous  
space and industrial projects like UHF  
satellite telemetry transmitters and  
receivers for Intercosmos projects  
(1974),  Airborne Microwave  
Radiometer System developing (1984),  
Multisensor Aircraft Campaign 91  
ESA/NASA (1991), Meteosat/TIROS-N  
receiver station etc.

In 1995 we successfully applied a tender of a Hungarian  
Mobile Network Operator. Our first task was a 900 MHz  
operator selective repeater in-door and out-door  
applications. Shortly thereafter we started to  
manufacture channel selective repeaters for out-door  
application as well.
In 2003 we developed a remote controller module for  
repeaters, which made these types able to change  
settings through mobile connection, check output  
powers or send alarms to the Network operator.
In 2007 we developed a "pico" style band selective  
repeater   for small areas, in-door use. It uses external  
power source and operates without a remote controller.

In 2011 we made our "macro" style 3G repeater with  
more than 45 dBm power output for out-door use. It is  
able to cover even a smaller village, or a large building.
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